Abdominal Mass

What is an abdominal mass?

This is a term used in the medical profession that can include a number of health reasons as to why your tummy may appear to be fatter or larger, either in a particular area or quadrant of the abdomen (in the medical world, the abdomen is divided into four quadrants) or generally all over. What you might think is belly flab could be something different altogether.

Potential causes

Some of the potential reasons one doesn't have a flat tummy could occur from one of the following:

- Abdominal aortic aneurysm

- Bladder distention (urinary bladder over-filled with fluid)

- Cholecystitis

- Colon cancer

- Crohn's disease

- Diverticulitis

- Gallbladder tumor

- Hydronephrosis (fluid-filled kidney)

- Kidney cancer

- Liver cancer

- Liver enlargement (hepatomegaly)

- Neuroblastoma

- Ovarian cyst

- Pancreatic abscess

- Pancreatic pseudocyst

- Renal cell carcinoma

- Spleen enlargement(splenomegaly)

- Stomach cancer

- Uterine leiomyoma (fibroids - as described above)

- Volvulus

- Ureteropelvic junction obstruction

If you feel that your stomach has an unusual lump, swelling or is noticeably larger than normal, get it checked out and examined as soon as possible by a qualified health care provider. Consult your doctor if you notice anything out of the norm. If it turns out to be nothing of concern, then at the least you will be reassured. If a condition is found, then you can start taking the right steps immediately to eliminate the cause. If the 'mass' is a 'pulsating' lump it should be treated as an emergency condition.

For more information on the causes that are referenced above, try visiting Medline Plus

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