Abdominal Tumor

What is an abdominal tumor?

You may not have a flat tummy and you might think that what you have is belly flab, when sometimes a large stomach can actually be caused by a number of medical reasons other than fat.

A tumor is defined as an abnormal mass of tissue and is commonly found during a routine physical examination. Although not usual, it could occasionally be found to be the cause of a lump or mass in the stomach. There are dozens of different types and they can be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Diagnosis by qualified medical professionals would depend on the type and location. Marker tests and imaging may be used; some can be seen (for example, on the exterior of the skin) or felt (palpated with the hands).


Benign tumors can apparently sometimes be ignored. Other times, they might be made smaller - called debulking - or surgery may be performed to entirely remove it.

Malignant or cancerous tumors can be treated with radiation, chemotherapy and/or surgery.

The location, firmness, texture, and other qualities can provide clues to its cause.

For any concerns you may have with unusual lumps or bumps, swelling or if your stomach has become larger than usual, it is important to get it checked out sooner rather than later. A visit to your family doctor is the first step you should take. If the condition turns out not to be anything serious, then you can be reassured and focus on eating healthy foods and exercising to work towards getting your flat tummy. If there is a medical problem found, then you can take further steps to work on fixing and eliminating the problem.

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