Acai Berry Colon Cleanse

As an alternative to a diet, acai berry colon cleanse is reported to clean your colon of the toxins and fats in it. The berry apparently can be great source of essential fatty acids, fibre, a very potent anti-oxidant which has properties for cleansing your colon and helping you lose belly flab to get the flat tummy you want.

Acai has been grown and used in South America for hundreds of years. It is abundant in the rainforest areas of the Amazon. For the Acai berry colon cleanse, drinking the extracted juice of the acai berry is claimed as the best way to get the nutrients of the berries and to get the best results of colon cleansing, to flush accumulated wastes, fats and toxins out of the body. It also reportedly replenishes the body with significant levels of calcium, anti-oxidants, electrolytes, vitamins and fibre. Additionally it contains an anti-inflammatory that helps to heal an irritated colon.

There are other colon cleansing products on the market. If you are thinking about doing this, you may want to do a bit of research on the various different products out there to help you figure out the best one for you.

Colon cleansing helps to speed up your metabolism, which in turn helps you to turn your food into energy, not fat, resulting in weight loss. In conjunction, your tummy will look flatter and feel much less bloated as a result. Naturally, it would help the process to ensure you eat a variety of healthy foods in reasonable portions, rather than loading up on processed, high fat or junk food.

Acai berry colon cleanse is also reported to help one with acne, constipation, or hemorrhoids as well as get rid of lethargic, sluggish feelings in addition to helping you have a more healthy body weight and help to ward of diseases that are associated with an unhealthy or clogged up colon.

If you decide you want to try the Acai Berry colon cleanse route, you may want to check out the following information and choose 'Pure Acai Berry':


The Information You Need to Know About Acai Berry Scams

There are many individuals that have become a victim of acai berry trial scams. These scams often take advantage of consumers that are unfamiliar with the way certain acai berry companies operate. In order to avoid falling for acai berry scams, you need to know how to properly purchase these products.

Acai Berry Trial Offer Scams

If you are interested in obtaining acai berry products, it is advisable that you steer clear of free trial offers. Many first time buyers are lured in to buying these acai berry trials and willingly offer up their credit cards to place the orders. These consumers are then enrolled into a recurring program, the particulars of which are often hidden in fine print or buried in the website's terms and conditions.

Although many of these scam companies will state that you can cancel your orders at any time, or within an allotted period of time, consumers find that the exact opposite is true. When they go to cancel the program, they continue to see charges on their credit card statements. These consumers find out the hard way that they have transacted with an acai berry scam.

Credit Card Company Initiatives

Credit card companies are continually receiving customer complaints regarding these acai berry scams. VISA and MasterCard are cracking down on companies that offer free trials to try and avert these consumer problems.

Major credit card companies are beginning to refuse to process orders involving free trial offers of acai berry to be proactive in the efforts of fighting off scammers. These card companies understand how difficult it is for consumers to make repeated phone calls to the scam company, as well as to their credit card company in order to put a stop to it. Many consumers even have to cancel their card altogether, in order to avoid more charges. This sequence of events is stressful and lengthy.

Using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB, as well as other government agencies, have also been receiving thousands of complaints about acai berry scams. This federal agency monitors businesses to make sure that consumers are aware of their status. The BBB website allows consumers to research a company’s complaint history which can help provide information about their business operations. Companies that are offering free trials of acai berry are almost always not legitimate and often will have negative ratings, as well as multiple consumer complaints under their profile.

Acai berry colon cleanse is a product that can provide you with multiple health and weight benefits. Yet, you need to make sure that you are an informed consumer prior to making your purchase. By using a legitimate company that is not involved in free trial offers, you are more likely to have a positive consumer experience.

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