CoolSculpting is one of the newest ways of potentially helping you out with your belly flab woes. It is a new one-hour, walk-in and walk-out non-surgical procedure that painlessly freezes fat cells for removal of them naturally over two months.

From what I have read, the way it works is that a small 'vacuum-cleaner' type head is used to suck up a small glob of skin and fat from the stomach and freeze it. The fat freezes before the skin so the fat cells die, but the skin is not damaged. Once that is done, normal body processes then slowly and gently remove the dead fat cells naturally, over a period of around two months, helping you towards your goal of getting rid of the fat and thereby working towards getting your flat tummy.

What an interesting new concept! I never would have thought that you could actually freeze fat, then just leave the frozen fat in your body for it to remove by itself naturally!!

It is reported to work best for people looking to sculpt away small pockets of stubborn fat.

It is a very new procedure that apparently now has Health Canada approval as a non-invasive fat reduction method, and it is awaiting FDA approval but is used off-label in the United States.

This procedure is more used for fine-tuning stubborn fat and it apparently isn't suitable for use to reduce obesity to an acceptable waistline.

There is a company called Zeltig that sells the product for this procedure to licensed dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

For more information, it is recommended that you follow up with a qualified plastic surgeon of your choice.

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