Dukan Diet

This is one of the latest in diets. The Dukan Diet is apparently similar to the Atkins Diet in that it is a high-protein diet. It is reported to have become a popular diet in Europe and people have good feedback about it.

There are 4 steps to the diet:

Step 1 - Protein only.

This is known as the attack phase of the diet. Eat only proteins during this step. Eating all proteins is a bit much, but it helps fill you up and keep you full for a longer time. Your weight will drop quickly and apparently you will tend not to feel tired or hungry. This lasts for 10 days.

Step 2 - Add vegetables.

This is the cruise phase where you add non-starchy vegetables into your diet. You eat meals with vegetables on alternating days with days of protein only and you carry on in this phase until you reach your desired weight.

Step 3 - Add grains and fruit.

This is the consolidation phase where you need to maintain the weight you've lost and not gain again. You gradually add fruits and grains to your diet and you carry on doing it for five days for every pound you lost..

In this stage you can add two meals per week where you can celebrate with anything you want.

Step 4 - Live the Dukan Diet

This is the permanent stage where you follow the regime as much as possible. If you slip at all, just go back and carry on with it.

The Dukan Diet's top 5 foods are:

salmon oat bran yogurt (medium-fat) broccoli tomatoes

The Dukan Diet's 5 'don't go there' foods are:

potato chips mayonnaise doughnuts vegetable oils hazelnut spread

The diet emphasizes the need to walk and try to include two sessions of strength training. Walking twenty minutes a day helps one to achieve weight-loss and strength training helps you keep muscle and maintain metabolism.

Additionally the four most important things to consider in this diet, even if you don't follow it 'to the T' are:

- It’s easier to lose weight (especially for women) when you eat more protein rather than carbs, as your body burns more calories and water is eliminated from your body more quickly.

- Remember to always stand on both feet rather than lean on one side because you burn more calories this way!! It doesn't burn a huge amount but you'd be surprised at how often you would do it and that adds up. Standing on both feet works muscles in your thighs and bottom.

- Eat oat bran often. In the Dukan diet, because it is a lot of protein, the oat bran provides the fibre you need in order not to become constipated and helps get rid of food in your intestines. Eating three tablespoons per day is recommended.

- No more than 2 fruits a day. Fruit is good for you but a lot of people eat too much. It contains lots of vitamins but also contains a lot of sugar.

For more information go to www.dukandiet.com

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