Eat to lose weight!

Eat Breakfast!

Sounds weird? So you want a flat tummy and you think you shouldn't eat much to help you lose that belly flab ... Well you basically need to eat to lose weight. In order to help you lose weight, your body does need food, that is, just the right food that's all, and in adequate but not excessive portions.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Studies tell that people who have lost weight and been able to keep it off in the long-term have developed healthy eating habits, including a daily substantial breakfast.

People that lose and maintain their ideal weight typically share a number of healthy habits — drinking water, exercise, etc. that are essential to overall health. It may surprise you to learn that one of these healthy habits requires you to eat breakfast.

People who are on a diet, unfortunately, often skip breakfast because they think it’s an easy way to cut down on the amount of food they eat. The problem is they end up having to make up for the lost breakfast later in the day, and because they are really hungry later, often reach for the nearest source of food available, regardless of whether it's the right kind or not. Breakfast eaters generally consume fewer calories than people who skip their breakfast. That latte you may have had instead could have totalled more calories than a good breakfast you could have chosen.

Balance and portion control are the keys to a healthy breakfast.

Choose an appropriate serving from the complex carbohydrates, proteins, fruits and dairy food groups. Additionally, you need to include a little fat!

Here are some examples of easy, good-for-you breakfasts:

Example 1
3⁄4 cup cooked oatmeal with 1⁄4 cup applesauce and a latte made with skimmed milk and skip the sugar or opt for a little honey or Splenda or stevia.
Example 2
One or two slices whole-wheat toast with one to two tablespoons peanut butter, a small banana and 3⁄4 cup low-fat yogurt.
Example 3
A poached egg on a whole wheat English muffin, topped with one slice of melted cheddar cheese and two tomato slices, along with 1⁄2 cup fruit or vegetable juice.
Example 4
3⁄4 cup fruit salad with 1⁄2 cup low-fat cottage cheese and eight almonds.
Example 5
1⁄2 cup muesli or granola mixed into 3⁄4 cup of your favourite yogurt.

Eat Healthy!

Yes - you need to eat to lose weight. But eating chocolate bars, cookies and pies isn't what I mean. You will read about it time-and-time again, but maybe that's what it takes for it to sink in for some of us. You really do have to eat regularly but try to leave out the high sugar, high 'bad' fat foods and gooey processed refined carbohydrates.

Stick with the MUFAs whole grains, lean proteins and a little of the natural sugars in fruit and treat yourself - OCCASIONALLY!.

Eat Often!

Eat to lose weight. Eat smaller portions of healthier food more often, at regular intervals, and drink lots of water each day. Include three meals in moderate portions as well as two or three healthy snacks.

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