Flat tummy pills and Herbal Solutions

There are a lot of weight loss solutions, appetite suppressants, and colon cleansers that come in the form of pills, gel capsules, tonics, powders or granules, in special kits, and many other herbal products out there in various forms that claim to help get you a flat tummy and lose weight. To be honest, I've actually never tried any of them myself, yet, and this information is provided purely for knowledge and awareness rather than as a recommendation.

A lot of companies will offer a free sample or a 'try before you buy' promotion, along with a money-back guarantee (within a certain timeframe) if it doesn't work for you. It is entirely your own choice and your pocket book as to whether you want to give something a try. You never know, it may work for you. The following products seem to be some of the more popular choices that are available:

Acai Berry - colon cleanse
Hoodia - appetite suppressant
Royal Tea - Colon cleanse
Xenadrine - pill
PGX - pill

I would suggest, before trying any type of pill for losing weight, to check your government's list of advisories or warnings for these types of things (if they have one).

For Canada, Health Canada has an A to Z list that can be found at the following location:

Advisories, Warnings and Recalls

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