How I got my tummy flatter

by Jess

I needed to lose weight! I was 50lbs overweight.

True the weight had come on slowly over about 20 years but it was there and it was getting on my nerves. I puffed hard when I walked up hill. My back hurt when I stood for any length of time. I couldn't keep up with my toddler grandchildren when we went out together.

First of all I cut out late night snacks and stopped buying so many biscuits. I still ate biscuits, just not so many of them.

Next I tried out the five two diet. I ate 500 calories twice a week. The first week I did this I was miserable and hungry. I was ready to eat anything that came my way by 3 o'clock on the first afternoon of fasting. The next fasting day was slightly easier and I managed to get through the day without too much stress.

The following week was easier again and by the third week I was in the swing of it. It did help that by the third week I'd also lost 4 pounds. Seeing actual weight loss really encouraged me to keep going.

The other thing that I do is to try and stand up more. When I stand up I keep my tummy pulled in too. When I walk up stairs I make a conscious effort to "suck it in". This, combined with the weight loss, has helped to flatten out my tummy. I still have a bit of a paunch but it is nothing like it was.

After a year of working at it I've now lost 42 of the 50 pounds that I needed to lose to get back to a healthier weight. I have more energy, my knees and back don't hurt like they used to and I can now keep up with my grandchildren.

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