Low Fat Desserts

"Low fat desserts" you ask? Most of us trying to get a flat tummy, lose weight, or just trying to get rid of our belly flab love goodies. You know ... that gooey warm double-fudge chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream swimming in hot fudge sauce? Yep .. you know what I'm talking about!?!

Well there ARE really delicious low fat desserts out there for you to treat yourself with as part of working towards eating healthy. For example, you CAN make brownies or fruit crisps with little or no fat, warm up a portion and top it with a dollop of creamy french vanilla frozen yogurt (which contains much less fat than ice cream) and it will still taste great and satisfy that sweet tooth urge.

People can say cut out the sugar but we know it is really hard. But if you make your own desserts you can have some every now and then -- and by that I don't mean two or three times a day -- but when you really feel like you might crash your eating healthy regime or the diet you are on -- or maybe you are just putting on a dinner for friends and want to make something yummy for dessert but don't want all the fat they usually have in them.

I consider myself a chocoholic! I love good chocolate! If you are a regular or 'avid' chocolate eater perhaps, as part of trying to lose your belly flab you could tone it down and try, when you get that chocolate craving, to eat just a 'square' or a 'bite' and wrap the rest up and put it away ... maybe in the freezer (because it is harder to eat frozen chocolate), and then to make sure you fill that craving properly, make yourself a fruit smoothie with fruit, ice and yogurt, or have some frozen sorbet, or some fresh strawberries or other good quality fruit.

Another thing you could try is Splenda or Stevia instead of sugar when making your desserts. They are more expensive than sugar so be prepared for that, but to me they taste better than any of the other 'sweeteners' and it will result in dessert that contains way less calories and eliminate the sugar that would eventually turn to fat in your body.

A more healthy choice would to sweeten using honey or preferably honey from a local or organic beekeeper, where the bees are feeding on pollen from flowers and blossoms in the area, and are not fed a 'sugar-solution' (which basically means your honey is practically sugar anyway). Another choice would be to use brown rice syrup ... I have had this in a couple of desserts, and it's really tasty.

Anyway, I've selected a few low fat desserts that I really like below for you to try if you would like.

You may also be interested in a book of low fat dessert recipies that you can download online.

Momma's Favourite Low Fat Dessert Recipies

Low Fat Chocolate Brownies
Low Fat Sour Cream Cheesecake
Low Fat Trifle
Low Fat Apple Dumplings
Low Fat Dreamy Creamy Cake

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