Oatmeal is something I've recently been working with. I have always previously eaten it but usually on an occasional basis. However, for the last couple of months I've eaten a bowl of oatmeal practically every morning (except for the weekends which are pretty much open to anything depending on my mood!)

I use a cup of regular old oatmeal -- ie not the 'instant' stuff in the single packages -- those are mixed with all sorts of things not to mention a ton of sugar. Here's how I make my oatmeal.

Momma's Oatmeal

1 cup of regular oats in a large cereal bowl.

Add hot water - I like my oatmeal 'gooey' so I use about a cup of water and add more if I need. It soaks up a lot of water so you'll probably need to try a couple of times to see how you like it best.

Let it soak for about a minute then simply microwave it for about 30 seconds or more if you like it cooked more (be careful - either cover it or microwave it in short bursts of about 20 seconds as it bubbles over quickly).

Add a teaspoon or sometimes two of brown sugar

Add some light cream (I use Creamo - ie 10%) - as much as I feel like having - and mix it in.

To me this is like eating something sweetish and satisfying but not so sweet that I end up feeling a bit sick afterwards, especially since it's the first thing I eat in the morning.

Anyway, this new morning regime has helped me immensely in flattening my stomach, plus I've lost weight without trying too hard. I find the oatmeal really does fill me up and I can eat my bowl of oatmeal at 8am and I last until about 11am before I need a some fruit or other snack between breakfast and lunch.

Now prior to switching to oats for breakfast, I was eating at least two pieces of toast with peanut butter or jam, or I would eat a breakfast sandwich made with two pieces of toast, an egg, bacon and slice of cheese .... I am usually up at 5am but I can't seem eat right away in the morning. However, by the time I get to work at 8am I am starving ... and this was what I would go for to fill me up. However, switching to this routine has done wonders and I find I really don't miss all that bread and bacon.

Be prepared to visit the bathroom at some point later in the day! It is a really good source of soluble fibre so we all know what fibre can help with right? .... yup being regular! And that's a good thing and likely what is helping me to lose my weight and excess pot belly.

Anyway, I feel great, and I'm back into some skirts and pants I couldn't get into for a while there.


- Good source of soluble fibre - (helps keep you regular)
- It is reported to have cancer-fighting properties
- It helps to reduce cholesterol
- It is a good complex carbohydrate and a healthy alternative to starchy carbohydrates such as white pasta or bread
- It's cheap!
- It's natural!
- It's filling and you don't crave high carb or sugary foods when you're full after eating a bowlful

You can add a ton of different things to liven it up if you find it a bit plain, such as:

- cinnamon
- nutmeg
- nuts (ground or chopped)
- berries or any fruits of your choice
- applesauce
- raisins
- dried cranberries
- protein powder (the flavoured stuff ... yum!)
- even a few dark chocolate chips if you really have to - you could use these instead of sugar

If the thought of a bowl of oatmeal every morning bores you to tears, you could also try adding oats to some of the following (healthy home made versions of course):

- pancakes
- cookies
- soups or stews
- muffins
- oat bars (of course!) or granola bars
- smoothies
- add some to a coating for meat such as shake n bake if you use that stuff, or your own homemade version

Get adventurous and try adding it to whatever!

You'll find there are also different types of oats available such as 'steel cut oats', quick oats (not instant but they take less time to cook), rolled oats, whole oats, scottish porridge oats .... etc.

So with all the added benefits, eating it is a win-win thing to do. Good luck with adding it to your eating habits ... I hope it helps you as it has helped me!

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