PGX Capsule

PGX is made from plant fibres. It works to restore proper blood sugar levels, reduce appetite, and inhibit weight gain.

Many overweight people don't realize that they are on a 'blood sugar roller coaster'. Their blood sugar levels rapidly rise and fall throughout the day and then their brain tells them to eat to get their blood sugar back up to their appropriate levels. When blood sugar levels go up and down many times throughout the day, a person tends to eat too much and become overweight.

To lose weight effectively, your appetite needs to be corrected. Many people think this means trying to suppress appetite - to stop being hungry all the time - but this is a short-term, ineffective solution. For long term success, your appetite needs to be corrected through balancing blood sugar levels in your body. This solution is reported to correct appetite - by controlling and balancing your blood sugar levels, in turn, helping you lose weight, and even lower cholesterol levels.

It is available as a soft gel capsule or in granular form and is meant to be taken just before meals with a large glass of water or can be sprinkled over food. It absorbs the water and mixes with the food then forms a gel and gently expands and makes you feel nicely full.

The reported weight loss consistently experienced on the program is from about 1/2 to 2 pounds per week over a period of 12-14 weeks.

As mentioned, it is also supposed to help lower "bad" (LDL) cholesterol and is said to be a good source of dietary fibre.

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