Reverse Ab Crunch

A reverse ab crunch works your tummy muscles by using your legs instead of your upper body.

How to do the exercise

1. Lay on the ground with your legs straight out.

2. Put your arms at your sides with your hands slightly under your backside (ie your bum).

3. Make sure your lower back is right to the floor - no gap - and keep it like that throughout the exercise.

4. Tighten your stomach muscles.

5. Slowly pull up your legs up (together) until your feet face the ceiling, or sky!. (There's no need to have your legs fully straight or for your knees to be locked.)

6. While doing this, breathe in slowly and calmly at the same time through your nose.

6. Slowly let your legs back down to just above the floor again while breathing out, again slowly and calmly but through your mouth.

7. Repeat!

Now, if you find this exercise too hard at first - with your legs straight that is - then you can try it with your knees bent and your feet slightly off the floor. Then you can raise your feet up and straighten out your legs from that position as much as you can, then slowly put your feet back down to just above the ground with your knees bent again, all the while keeping your tummy muscles tight of course and ensuring that your lower back is right to the ground. Remember to breath calmly and consistently -- in through the nose and out through the mouth during the exercise.

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