Royal Tea Colon Cleanse

Royal Tea colon cleanse is made from a blend of the following ingredients:

Persimmon Leaves Malva Leaf Holy Thistle Marshmallow Leaf

The tea provides gentle cleansing through continued / daily use. Apparently, two Royal Tea Bags will make one gallon and will typically last one person around a week.

To make the tea, boil a gallon of water, add two Royal tea bags and steep for 8 hours. Put the liquid in the fridge when cool and leave in the tea bags until finished. Tea can be reheated but not re-boiled. The key is to drink an 8 oz. glass in the morning, two 4 oz glasses in the afternoon and another 8 oz. glass in the evening.

There are some effects of using the Royal Tea colon cleanse, as would likely be experienced using any colon cleanser:

- Gas and slight cramping (normal - from the loosening of old mucus, bacteria, fungus and fecal waste off of the intestinal walls. If you get any extreme cramping then you are supposed to reduce the amount of tea you drink, but do not stop the cleanse.

- Loose stool (normal - there may be 2-3 bowel movements per day, slightly on the loose side but of good volume, NOT watery.

- Warm rectum! (due to acidity being dumped from tissues)

- Dark/almost black feces (old waste that your body is getting rid of)

- If your body needs it (and the reason you are likely on this website)- weight loss!

I have found a lot of sites that mention Royal Tea, but I've yet to come across what looks like a good or reputable source. If/when I do find one, I will put it on this page, should anyone want to buy some online to give it a try.

Update March 2012: OK, you may want to try this site to purchase Royal Tea: The Wolfe Clinic

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