South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is known as a "food lover's" diet. It has a similar approach to the Atkins Diet in that the diet is divided into phases:

Phase 1 is for eliminating cravings and lasts for two weeks. It is reportedly designed to stop sugar and starch cravings.

Phase 2 is for steady weight loss until a health weight is achieved. In Phase 2 you are allowed to eat all foods that are allowed to you in Phase 1, plus good-for-you carbs (such as brown rice, whole wheat, fruits, sweet potatoes, etc).

Phase 3 is a 'lifestyle' phase, that is maintaining your healthy weight. In Phase 3 you continue with the foods and principles you had abided by in the first two phases, but you are opened up to most foods as well as the odd indulgence.

Snacking is also allowed in the South Beach Diet - twice daily, with various snack options.

Not only are you allowed snacks but you are also allowed certain delicious desserts.

There are a ton of recipes offered as part of the diet, along with various 'South Beach Diet' prepared foods and snacks that you can buy and incorporate into the Diet.

If you would like to learn more about the South Beach Diet, you could visit the following website: South Beach Diet website for more information.

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